(Line up for Entity left to right)
Harri Petjakko GR, Sami Koikkalainen GR, Olli Wall DRS, Aleksi Ahokas VOX



  • 1997 : FragileHollow is formed with a the original name "Prophet" by Aleksi, Sami, Hisu. and the first demo and gigs are palyed.
  • 1998 : Second demo Gone was released and a new guitarist Jake joins the band.
  • 1999 : Keyboard player Tea joins the band and "Miles Away" mcd is released.
  • 2000 : Guitarist Seppo Nummela joins the band replacing Jake, a new single "Death Becomes You" is released & Prophet split up.
  • 2001 : Aleksi makes new songs. Pete joins the band as the new drummer. Prophet releases the "Broken Promise" mcd as trio with session players from Finntroll & Denigrate. Jape joins the band. Prophet get´s first 10/10 reviews and recording deal-offers. Finally signs a deal with Avantgarde music.
  • 2002 : The mcd:s are relesed by Irond with some bonustracks. Band changes its name to FragileHollow and continues without Pete, Jape & Seppo.
  • 2003 : FragileHollow´s debut album "Effete Mind" is released worldwide. Gigs n´ new band members: Harri, Teo & Markus. The style goes more towards rock and finally it´s too much. Band takes a little time off, ends the deal with Avantgarde music and continues without Teo and Markus.
  • 2004 : Olli Wall joins the band as drummer and FH continues serious rehearsing for the second album. First gigs in Russia, promoting "Effete Mind" and "Fragile Prologue" albums both in St Petersburg and Moscow. Some demos for the fourthcoming album is done but is never released. In fall FragileHollow hit´s numbers of studios to record its most megalomanic album of the band's career. Those sessisons turned out ambitious. A cover song is recorded for Katatonia tribute album.
  • 2005: FH plays few gigs and Nothing MCD is mixed and wide promotion is planned. FragileHollow albums are finally released in the States. The band is going through musical changes and is keeping undetermined silence, rehearsing the new stuff all for them selves. "Nothing" ep is licensed to Russia. FH inks a developement deal with UK label Cromium Records. Single is released and song ends up to a compilaion. Finally a merchandise deal
  • 2006 and after ... : We started to record new songs for "entity" LP and got a deal from Tunerail Records. At the same time we got a chance to sign for a bigger label and we took it. We re-recorded parts of the album with a known producer and palyed some showcase gigs. At those years we totally lost our direction and all of it became very frustrating and owerwhelming for us all. We decided to put everything on hold...
  • 2016 enough time had passed and we finally could dig up that material and listen. It was well worth to put it out as it is.


Releases info:




Entity 2016 Second LP  
Instant Pleasure 2006 MCD  

December Songs


Katatonia tribute, Northern Silence


The Prophet Years


Compilation, Art Records




FH, Roxx


Am Blue


Only promortion


Effete Mind (Licensed)

2003 / 12

LP, Irond


Effete Mind

2003 / 5

LP, Avantgarde Music


Fragile Prologue


Compilation, Irond



2001 / 11

only promotion


Broken Promise

2001 / 4

mcd Digipak


Death Becomes You




Miles Away


mcd Singlecase




only promotion


Thy Sky Takes You Away




by lowfrequency records


Comp. - "I Tried"


by Ancient ceremonies


Comp. - "I Tried"


Past & Session players:
Markus Vainio - Drums 2003 - 2004
Seppo Nummela - Session guitars
H.Villberg(Diablerie,Triones) - Session Growls
Henri Sorvali(Moonsorrow,Fintroll) - Keyboards on Broken Promise
Juha-Pekka Kaartinaho - Drums 1997 - 2001
Pete Raatikainen - Drums 2001 - 2002
Jape Nummenpää - Live bass 2001 - 2002